Thursday, June 14, 2007

10th Anniversary

Yes today is Our 10th year Anniversary. We have known each other since the summer of 1992. It all started like this:

My American Legion baseball friend Jimmie Joe Howe and I came home from a long day playing in the sun. We saw this car with two girls in it. They had a headlight out. So my friend said hey we have to pull them over. I wanted to go home and he had a good reason to pull them over. I had a huge mouthful of sun flower seeds and a spit can for the shells. Jimmie was driving the car so I couldn't do much about going home. In the car with the headlight out was my wife Becky and Michelle. Michelle was driving there car and you know it Becky wanted to go home as well.

So after about an hour and a half they pulled over at McDonalds. Becky said "they just want to see what we look like, I'll get out of the car and show them". Then Becky said "Michelle we do have a headlight out". Becky gave us her phone # but wasn't to impressed with me cause I was dirty, smelly and she thought I had chew in my mouth. Plus to top it all off my so called friend said I was retarded. I had been sick with Lyme Disease for over a year now.

I memorized the phone number and called her up. Her mom let me know she was in town. I went to go find her and Becky and her friend hopped into my car and Becky sat up front with me. Becky and I talked for 2 plus hrs and her friend fell asleep in the back.

Becky stuck by my side even though I didn't feel good most of the time. She has always been there for me and I Love her so much. Thanks for loving me Becky. Love that lasts forever. Grimmy


Anonymous said...

i see you went to Louisville and snagged 12th.

Premiere boy said...

thats pretty special what you two have. neat story.