Sunday, June 24, 2007

Caylin is 3 !

Happy birthday Caylin! On June 22nd at 3:53 am Caylin turned 3 and what a great day. I just wrote that thinking about the city slickers movie when Billy Crystal gets a call from his mother every birthday in the morning waking him up to tell him what she went through and how much of a joy he is to them. I think I will do that for Caylin, just kidding.

I went to work but Becky had a great day with Caylin and when I got home she was going to sleep on the couch so I finished mowing the lawn and then got my shower and ready for family to come and enjoy. We had a blast and Becky did such a great job with getting the party ready and having just a awesome day. It is so hard to tell you how much joy it is till you go through the same thing. It is like one of those commercials, characters such and such dollars$$$, all the toys $$$$$$$$$, Caylin happy and healthy Priceless.

You see all the gifts that she is given and your heart just goes out to kids that are not able to have things that she has. My mom at christmas broke down one time and said look at all these gifts, and some kids don't even get one for there christmas. It is nice to have stuff but it is better to give than to receive. Elves N' More bike races are coming up and you have a chance to give to the needy for Christmas. Let me know if you want to help out I will get you involved. July 12th will be the first race to give to kids.

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