Sunday, June 24, 2007

Louisville Race

Texas Roadhouse and Papa Johns gave away some nice primes and prize money. Check out the results and photos at or at . My Dad, Mom, Wife and daughter went as well. The trip down went great and it was 95 degrees that day. Thanks to the breeze off of the river it was ok in the shade.

I started out in the back of the 55 + field. I moved my way up to the front for the $100 prime on lap 15 and thought I heard them call another $100 for the next lap. It was only $25 but I will take it. On lap 31 I took another $20 prime with Hayden and I going after it, I still think he won it but he told my dad I took it.

So with only a few laps left I thought Roadhouse would make a late break for the win. It was hard all the stop and go action. Hayden did a lot of chasing and I felt I needed to close gaps as well. I felt great till the last 2 laps when things came back together and Roadhouse had there man up the road. I thought about jumping and just going for it but I knew I wouldn't have enough to last to the end. With one lap to go I tried to move up more but someone else did the same and moved right in front of me causing my wheel to come into a glued contact with his wheel at 35 + mph. Thought for sure I was hitting the pavement but the Lord kept me upright and him as well. It did however push him about 5 feet away from everyone else and caused both of us to slow down quickly. So I had to try and move up without giving it my all. It didn't work great but I will take 12th place instead of crashing any day. Maybe one of these days I will just sit in the field the whole race. Some one after the race said way to race aggressively, that told me right then and there I did to much work today maybe it will pay off in some way. It is hard to be a good example of what Christ would want me to be during a race. I showed that at Brecksville Road Race and hope I do more like that and not get caught up in all the other stuff going on. Big races coming up this weekend so I will post again in July.


Anonymous said...

that's AWESOME! the primes paid for the gas money down there.

JC's said...

Nope my Dad did. They did pay for the food, entry fee and hotel cost though. Very blessed that weekend, just glad to be alive.