Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Last couple of weeks

I have been playing softball now and enjoy it more than I thought I would. I haven't hit a home run yet but have been trying to just hit the ball. I felt bad one time when I hit it to 3rd base my 2nd time up for the year. It was one of those rocket shots one bounce and off the 3rd basemans thigh and to the outfield fence out of play. I told the guy sorry and he was ok with it. So far I am 3-5 with two doubles and no pulled muscles yet. Thank you Lord. I have now moved to 3rd base. I remember my senior year of baseball I was 5-5 with 2 hrs and 2 doubles my first 2 games, boy a lot has changed since then.

My cousins daughters came to stay with my mom for 10 days, so much fun! I even hit Carlie with a ball in our backyard ball game. I hit her right in the chin, ouch! I told her I was sorry and every time I would mention playing ball with someone else and she over heard us talking she would say " Don't let him hit you in the chin". Great girls hope to see them all soon, they grow so fast.

Caylin and family have a pool pass. Yep we have been going to the pool now and Caylin loves it. I will let you know when she puts her head in the water, if she is like mommy it may not happen.

Becky is applying for a teaching job at Kingsway Christian School. I pray Becky will get the job if it is the Lords will. I am so blessed to have her in my life she has done everything for us and it is a big job keeping me in line.

Cycling, I have been riding back and forth to work every day and have done 1 race at St. Albans. Last year at St. Albans I did any and everything I wanted and couldn't go wrong. This year I did the same for the first 5 laps collecting 2 primes. After that I was done. I couldn't hang with the big boys at all. So 5 guys lapped the field then came around to lap 3 of us who worked together the whole race. Then the 5 guys started attacking each other and I went with every attack and then took off at the end of the race caught before one lap to go and went to the back on the hill and went around all but 4 guys at the end.

Tyler asked if I had that chilli dog before the race, I said nope. Tyler said your in trouble now joking, I laughed and agreed. Last year before the race I helped with everyone setting up and had myself a chilli dog before the race. Donations can be made to the JDRF and can be found with results and photos at :

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