Sunday, June 24, 2007

Softball or should I say Baseball?

The softball game on the 21st was long. We lost 28 to 29 in ten innings and we were the visiting team. Softball innings are done at 7 innings but the other team kept getting the same runs as us. Early on I think we were down by 7 and took the led by 9 in the top of the 7th. We had 4 bad innings of hitting out of ten but we never quit. I had 5 to 7 errors at 3rd and was on base 6 out of 6 times going 5 for 6 with one of the balls hitting the wall in left center. The fence is 278 and looks like the fence is 25 feet high but may only be 16 feet high. I told the guys it was a miracle I hit the ball that far in my old age. We have a lot of high school kids on the team and college kids as well. I am very proud of the team giving it there all. It reminded me of the USSSA softball team I was a part of in the mid 90's, we had a bunch of great baseball players and we hit it where and when we wanted too. That team was one step from going to the semi pro and pro softball leagues. So we had a great time and my Dad, Mom, Wife and daughter stayed for 2 hours to watch that game. I am still sore three days later going on four.

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