Thursday, October 04, 2007

Last Softball Game

Well here goes everything I got, bruised or cracked ribs and lots of road rash on my arm. Only two days after my wreck and I am not going to sit this one out. It hurt just to yawn or take half of a deep breath but I am going to swing the bat any way. No warm ups just go for it, Here comes the pitch..... what am I doing I must be out of my mind. Needless to say God got me through the night but he reminded me of how stupid it was to try and play. So I guess I won't do ththat again even though it was a little bit of pain. I went 1-2 but had a couple of errors and the other team was ready and they hit the ball all night. I guess they earned it as we got beat up in 6 innings. A couple of days later my ribs couldn't be broke cause they felt a lot better. That same night during the game Don had told me he got hit by a 1200 pound steer and it cracked his ribs so I was glad I hit the crub at 35 mph instead.

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