Friday, April 11, 2008

Church post over due

Well Church at OCC has been awesome!

The first question was: Are we going to recognize each other in heaven, and, if we do, will we feel sad when we do not see some of our family and friends there?

I will give the short version since I am behind on everything.

Yes we will be able to recognize others in Heaven and we will be filled with joy in Heaven. It was great to be in Church that Sunday and so awesome to read from the bible on this question. We will receive a new body. John explained it very clearly. When someone calls us over the phone we know who it is by there voice. Jesus was not clearly recognized at first but they all knew it was Him after a second take. Would you recognize someone that had been dead for 3 days? I wouldn't even think about it so it would take at least three times and doubt until I would spend time with Him.

#2 question was: Is everything or anything predestined by God?

Some things are predestined be God. Jesus will return, for it is predestined by God. God has allowed us to make our choices. We may make good choices or we make bad ones. God allows us to make choice. So some things are and some are not.

#3 question was:“Can my prayer change God’s mind?”

Yes it can! God loves for us to pray to Him. But when we ask for prayer be careful how you ask. God will answer your prayer but it may not be the way you want it.

I am so glad we are doing this series, Thank you John Mulpas!

John has given us wonderful scriptures on all the questions, it has been great.

Our church attendence has also been up as well.

T-ball starts here soon and I pray for sunny wednesdays to come.

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