Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Race at the Lake

To let you know where I will be racing close to home I have posted where I will be racing next.

On Saturday April 19th I will be racing at Race at the Lake. My race starts at 11:45 AM and there are other races before mine. My race will last 1 hour and is the last race. This race is located at a very nice Park with a new play ground in Munroe Falls. This drive takes 45 mins to 55 mins from downtown Orrville. The best way to explain how to get there from Orrville is to go: 57 north, turn right onto 585, go north on route 21, then go east on route 76 toward the University of Akron, then go north on route 8, turn right or head east on Howe Ave, you will pass Chapel Hill Mall and lots of great places to eat, then turn left or head north on route 91 or it may have other names like (North ave or South Main street or Darrow road) but I think it says route 91, next turn right on S River road it is the first road you can turn right on, if you pass the Citgo gas station you have gone to far, next turn right into the Munroe Falls Metropolitan park, you don't pay anything to park everything is free so just go buy the entrance with the park rangers and there should be a barrier at the top of the hill so take a left and then a quick right into the parking area. Be carful and go slow once you get on S River road lots of cyclist. Restrooms are in the big building across the race course so be careful crossing the street. It is better to cross the street where you can see a distance not at a corner.

This is the best race to view a first cycling event for a fun family day outside. Pray for a sunny day and safe travels to all.

So go 57 north about 6 miles, 585 north or east go 8 miles or so, 21 north go 2 miles, 76 east go 9 miles maybe, route 8 north go 4 miles, Howe Ave east for 2 miles or a little less, a left on 91 go 1.6 miles something like that, a right on S River road go .8 miles and be careful even though the cyclist should be obeying the laws because it is not the race course then turn right into the park and go .2 miles up and around the hill left at the barrier and right at the 2nd barrier.

Or just go to and type this[1-95]+S+River+Rd:Munroe+Falls:OH:44262:US:41.1358:-81.438:street:Summit+County/m:hyb:14:41.136865:-81.438006:0:0:/so:Munroe+Falls+Metropolitain+Park:::d::25:::::/e

Look at the number one and then scroll the street and you should see the park, the aerial view is cool to look at.

Hope to see you at the Race.

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