Thursday, April 03, 2008

I'm A Dancing Queen!

Caylin had the best time at a wedding we went to on Saturday. She was the life of the reception! This girl loves to dance. She wanted to dance with all the older boys. (Age 8-12) She didn't give the young boys her age the time of day! LOL There was the time during the dancing where all the dancers stand in a circle and clap for whoever is in the middle showing off their best dance moves, well Caylin goes in the middle. She just danced and danced. Too Funny!

Caylin also lined up for the bouquet toss. When she didn't get the flowers she threw her hands up in the air, like she was upset.

Jeremy and I are probably going to have our hands full when she starts dating. Older boys, I don't think so!

I will post either video or pics later.

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