Friday, April 11, 2008

Coach Grimm or Grimm Fairy Tales

Well sometimes I think of things and sometimes I shouldn't think. What do you think about me coaching? I am not to sure on the idea but sometimes you just have to have someone else make a decision for you or just go for it no matter what they say. I am not for sure? I wouldn't dare charge anyone though, that is for sure.


Anonymous said...

Can you make me a pro on 8 hours of riding a week? If you can, you're hired!


Cookie Monster (me), Better Half (my wife), Caylin (our girl) said...

If God allows it then sure.

As long as you know my coaching is null. We have to pray for God to allow that one.

Also, since no one voted it is a fairy tale as long as cycling is concerned. I will be coaching T-ball at church.

I will still try and help you become a pro in 8 hours a week training time though.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the offer, but even Michele Ferrari couldn't make me any faster.