Saturday, April 12, 2008

IX Indoor Amusement Park

Mommy and Grandma took me to the IX Indoor Amusement Park last Saturday! I had a blast! I rode lots of fun rides! My favorite is the swings. They had lots of different versions of the swings. I got Mommy to ride a roller coaster with me! I even put my hands up! I am a dare devil! I get that from my Daddy. He isn't afraid of anything! At the end of the day I even got to meet Snow White. She was so pretty! I definitely want to go back next year! PLEASE


Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

That looks like great fun!

The Ski's said...

Wow, Caylin!!! Maybe Ellie and you can go together next year! What a fun time you had!!!! Let's have a playdate soon!!! Ellie is READY! Love you!