Thursday, July 10, 2008


I did manage to get to Church which I have needed to do for a long time. I seems like satan is trying to grab a hold of me in everyway. Satan would love to run me down. It seems like I am praying everyday for God to yield Satan away from me. I have some problems that I ask God to help me with daily and I have got some answers back thanks to a book I try and read more everyday. The Bible has everything you need in it to survive struggles in your life. I found some scirptures that went directly to my problems thanks to another book I have been looking over for the 3rd time and still haven't finished it yet. So pray that I can meet with someone at the Church weekly to help me get the fellowship I need to Strengthen my walk with God durning these next two months of cycling. I really can't wait till cycling is done this year. I have put a lot of goals on for this year and due to me not being focused on God has hurt my life in everyway. Thanks for everyone that has been around me supporting me I will continue to fight the fight and still go to these last two months of racing if it is the Lord's will. I keep getting direct answers to my prayers to continue to race but I am always listening to what He wants me to do. Church is where it is at to help you stay focused each and everyday. I thank the Lord for ministers in my life to help me stay focused on God.

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