Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July 27th

As I sat in the church pew today I thank God for getting me there. I also was thanking God for today's message John had given to us as well. I struggle everyday to read the bible so please pray that I read more and stay focused on God every second of the day. Also we talked about pride in our Sunday school class. I am very happy when I finish a bike race and should be.

Cycling is one of the hardest sports to do. You always have to be thinking about something when you race. It helps to also have more strength than everyone as well. Dad always told me before I was a teenager someone will always be better than you. People that want to win all the time are selfish. I would rather work hard and still beat the odds than to sit in and win in a bike race. With teammates in the race it makes it so much harder for me to sit in and wait but I am getting more and more patient. I need to focus less on racing in the races and what would be right in God's eyes.

People get so caught up in the race that they are sinning as they race and don't understand why. So much goes on in my mind that i get side tracked on what I really want to say. God gives me all the ability and strength to do what I do in a race. People don't understand, I always feel like they don't want to talk about it. People have no reply when I say God gave me the power, and wisdom today to do what I did.

I will try and stay focused on that and keep telling people that I can do all things through Jesus Christ that strengthens me.

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Darrell Anderson said...

I have had my moments trying to work out tactics and sin in the midst of a race. It was in the midst of a road race earlier this season when I was trying to get an echelon formed to keep our break alive. It didn't happen and we were caught. One of those in the group yelled at me and I responded in kind. I felt an immediate rebuke. After a mile or so I found the rider in the group, put my hand on his back and apologized. I told him I was sorry for the way I spoke and asked for his forgiveness. I told him I didn't want to race like that anymore. It sort of bowled him over but he kindly forgave me and apologized in kind.

After reading your post today, I followed through on a nagging itch to write a theology of bike racing. Check it out http://www.sodzo.blogspot.com