Monday, August 11, 2008

Marion weekend

As you can see from the pics we had fun in Marion, IN. I did race but with weakness in my right leg. God blessed me with many miracles this weekend. I broke my chain the first day and almost flew off the bike. Chris Kelley had given me his bike and shoes to use the rest of the race. I felt good but with time and new bruise to my knee my right leg was hurting a lot. It's too bad I was not healthy for this race because I loved the course.

Saturday the race looked like it wouldn't be my kind of course and I should have listend to Dan to just sit in the whole race. I worked hard with my right leg feeling a little better today I was still very dissappointed that Dan or I didn't make it to the break away group. When Karl Menzies went I though for sure Dan was with him so I sat in after I pulled one hard lap. I should have talked with Dan more during the race I didn't know he had crashed. I sure am glad he was ok. We almost didn't make the start of the race Dan had a flat during warm up and we scrambled to get him a wheel. Thank you Lord for being there with us all weekend long. Thanks for our health and safety. Thank you for allowing me to share with others how much you have blessed me. Great job to J.J.

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