Friday, August 15, 2008

May be the last time.

Well I have been thinking about doing something really crazy. I plan on traveling 811 miles by car and 75 miles racing my bike. Two different locations and 3 different races. If things go good I may just pull it off in 21 hours. Then get up after 6 hours of sleep(which I don't do good after a bike race anyway) and go to church. Yes I am skipping the Elite Nationals this year, maybe next year. I know that the last five laps are not for this over weight body so maybe next year I will be 10 pounds lighter or more. This will be sort of punishment for not doing what I should do. I may have to change my nickname to Beast, thanks to Brooke and others. Ryan did have it right though and it may still be Cookie Monster but I hope I start eating less cookies.

Any way pray for my eating habits at 4 pm every day and pray for my safe races and travel to the races. I will miss K.K. and Beauty for this very long day. Following weekend may be Valley City depending upon how I race this weekend.

Church was great and I learned more on lust so stay tuned and I hope to have something posted soon. Pray that I post something soon. John got the Man award for the year on his comment in class, thanks John you are my hero! Not really, but you are a great inspiration.

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