Friday, September 12, 2008

Ann Arbor

Well looking at the course I knew it would be a ruff race for me. Not one but a set of rail road tracks on the course in a turn. Not only that but two cars were parked in the apex of the turn before the rail road tracks. So it went like this for 100 meters car, car, railroad tracks, turn, railroad tracks, 8% hill for 100 meters, turn and 3% for another 100 meters. Not to mention it started to rain but I prayed that it wouldn't and thank the Lord it didn't. If it would have rained this course would have been the worst course ever, wait it was the worst course ever.

Anyway I tried to hang on just like 70% of the field. Then with 22 laps to go a group of 13 took off. I saw Kirk sit up because he had Paul and Chad up the road. I also saw the winner of the NRC race the day before at Grand Rapids sit up, as well as the field sprint winner and 3 jittery joes. I thought they would chase as Paul took off so hard no one had a chance to grab a wheel. I kept thinking they will pull it back. Well 5 seconds passed and they were gone. We went 10 mph for the next two laps and then Derek Laan took off after being lapped already. I went with him and no one jumped on my wheel. They chased us for two laps and quit. I didn't know Derek was two laps down and as we came around they said we were 14th and 15th. I then realized we were going to get lapped and all the riders we were with stayed with the lead group. Somehow I still managed to beat all the lapped riders in the sprint as most of the lead group riders beat me by 10 seconds to the line after being together at 500 meters before the car, car, railroad track, turn, railroad track, hill, turn, hill, and last 100 meters.

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