Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My friends at Auburn Hills

Well this was my first race of the weekend so I was really praying my legs would hold up this year. God had blessed me so much in this race. This race was almost over from the start.

Four riders in a break for the first 40 mins with Chad from Roadhouse and two Bissel riders looked to be gone for the rest of the day. One point the had 30 seconds. I tried to team up with stronger riders and we brought them back to 8 seconds but couldn't close the gap. At one point we had a 20 man group chasing the front four, then down to ten. I jumped across to the front 4 and sat on for half a mile and took off again trying to get something going. After trying more than I should have we had a break of four riders that lasted the last 40 mins. It was the best race I God had blessed me with as at least 5 Bissel Pro riders were left out of our Break.

We had Paul, Kirk, myself and third place finisher was from London, Ontario Canada. As we kept pulling away from the Bissel train it made me want to pull harder but I tried to conserve as much energy as I could knowing it was a hot day and last year misery was in the back of my head. God had allowed me to be with our break with 3 to go and I knew I would be able to get top four as long as I didn't wreck or have a flat. I wanted to make sure I had a shot at top 3 so I picked on Kirk Albers and made sure he did the Lions share of the work for our break. Then the rider from Canada attacked and then Paul attacked and we still had a lap and a half to go, about 2 miles. Well with 3/4 of a mile left Kirk took off and I knew I had to go but I didn't want to pull anyone if I could make that happen. It worked good enough for 2nd place as Paul was able to grab my wheel and win the race.

Thanks to my friend Jeff Gray for being there for me through out the whole race cheering me on. God is Great and He won today. I pray He wins in your life as well. I am so glad that I got to spend time with Jeff and his family, can't wait till we get together again.

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