Thursday, September 18, 2008

Race weekend in PA

It was 91 and humid for starters. We had 45 racers that started and only 21 finished. Bobby Lea was the only rider announced at the line. He had his teammate Stephan Kincaid there as well. They both were in the break of 6. Some Harley Davidson rider won the race and I took 4th place after someone clipped my rear derailleur with 2 more times to go up the hill. This was after 6 of us lapped the field and I was in a two man break with a Brooklyn, New York rider. That guy was Superman. He pulled me around for 3/4 of a lap for 10 laps. We got caught with 5 to go. So anyway when we got caught by the field someone hit my rear derailleur with 2 laps to go up the hill that I had gone up 38 times already. At least my gears were stuck in the 53-11 because we had a fast finish. My legs of course couldn't handle the hill going slow two times. I also went to the back of the field both times going up the hill and made it first through the last turn. I ended up 11th in the field sprint and 4th overall. Bobby Lea was pushed outside by the winner and I think that was the same guy that took Jared and I out last year. Fun race and would have been nice to have more gears the last two laps as they were the slowest of the day. I also learned that I could have shifted it to my 39 instead of leaving it in my 53. I always have to do things the hard way. Thank you Lord for a safe race and traveling home as trees were all over the road and those pesky orange road work signs due to Ike.

As it took us over 2 hours to get my cable fixed I was tired from the race and not ready for another race. Dave Fuentes was in our break of 4 and I was tired. I couldn't help them at all. I got dropped with 3 to go and the group of 3 was on me in no time. I ended up sitting on them and won the sprint for 4th. All in all a good day and I did everything I could and left nothing left in my legs. After 300 left hand turns it felt like I was at Bloomer park racing hard for 6 hours. Thank you Lord for feeling in my legs, I know it will take some time to recover from this weekend.

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