Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Garrett Wonders Memorial Race

I was very sick before I started to warm up. I didn't have a high Temp like my Wife and Caylin that stayed home. Since I was pre registered she said if I feel up to it then go ahead and go. Well I didn't feel up to it at all but since I didn't have a temp my mom and dad drove me down to the race. Got to the race and felt worse, but started to warm up and felt alot better.

The race started and I didn't even clip out after a warm up lap. The race was really good and reminded me how important it is to share the word to others about sharing the road. I helped out a little with this race when I was with Savage Hill but this was my first time racing on the course. I loved the course and we had great weather today.

I stayed at the front some and wanted a few breaks to go but Inferno made sure for a field sprint. I made some bad choices and was sitting behind to far at the end of the race. On the 2nd to last turn we had the RGF train on the inside and I yelled go when it was too late and only a few heard me. Since I was behind everyone and saw what was going on I should have went from the corner with all the weight I am carrying. Instead I yelled go and Inferno went, everyone followed and I came around into 6 place at the turn hitting my brakes so I wouldn't run into the Inferno front 3. Very frustrating when you sprint and know you had so much more left in the legs. Same mistakes over and over again and again. After looking at the video Dad took of me, you don't want to see it. I took a total of 7 pedal strokes for my so called sprint. WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess I should have told myself more than once where to go from. I told myself once in warm up this is where I will go but never did it in the race. I have serious problems!!!! Next time I sprint I will make sure I do it way ahead of the finish line so I say at least my legs had nothing left. My legs didn't even feel a burn in that race all day. I have some serious problems!!! Maybe I should just stop racing because of how stupid I am. God gives me all this power and what do I do with it?????????? NOTHING! I am very selfish and I will be working hard to not do something so stupid again.

The RGF team had a great race today I am very proud of how the team did today. I did feel better after the race but I am still a little sick. Can't say that will never happen again, I can only pray it doesn't. Thank you Lord for keeping me safe. The RGF Team had a great race and I am very proud of the Team.

Thank you lord for my health and safety. I pray that I will be more focused in the next race instead of just showing up sick. Legs felt great but my mind was out into space. Love you Lord and thank you very sorry to hold back on the gifts you have giving me.


ting said...

just listen to yourself.

anyways, just checked out the RGF webpage. man you are hooked up now.

Ray Huang said...

Too, too hard on yourself. Be happy that you let some mere mortals win a sprint ok? :) Ray