Monday, June 02, 2008

Snake Alley race report

First lap I started in 70th on the line and was in the 30's before the Snake. Lost 25 or more places up the Snake and 4 laps later I was in the top 30. The next 5 laps I got dropped by a group of 8 riders and my teammate Dan chased for 3 laps to join us. I told him to take off he was stronger than these 8 riders. I never saw Dan again and the group of 8 riders was leaving my sight. After spending the next 6 laps by myself and telling my wife I was done the leaders were only 100 meters behind me for 3 laps. I saw Eric for 2 laps trying to get to me. Then with 4 to go Dickey and Jensen caught me at the top of the Snake and I got to draft someone for a change. To this point I only had been on someones wheel a total of 4 full laps and 4 other laps only on the flat part of the course. Also when I came around I got the 2 laps to go sign instead of 3 which made it even better. Of course I got dropped by Dickey and Jensen but I saw that same group of 8 that I had been with at the beginning of the race. So I went as hard as I could and again I was by myself when I got the bell lap and went up the Snake leaving nothing left in the legs and kept pushing harder as I went down the hill through the turns. I flew by the group of 8 with 3 turns left and sat up as I passed looking back for someone to jump. Someone in the group yelled up and I jumped on the riders wheel as he went by with one last turn to go. He lead through the last turn and I jumped inside with open road in front of me. One rider came beside me just after the turn but had nothing left. As Dad said I had a 6 bike lead through the finish line. Thank you Lord for my safety and the 19 lap miracle race.

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