Thursday, June 19, 2008


After a hard weekend and my legs not feeling the best going into that weekend I decided to race at the first race of the Tour Of Ohio, since no races will be going on around here. I rode to work the day of the race and in the morning my legs felt horrible. When I rode home they felt alot better. I thought maybe I have a chance to do good if I am in a break. Tyler told all the riders that everyone will get the same time if they don't finish.

Great now I knew it would be hard to get to the front since I was the last person to sign up. Gaps opened up everywhere and riders were quiting the first 2 laps into the race. It made it very hard to bridge every gap but I managed to do so. I had no idea I was on the front for 3 laps until I started to real back in the leader and saw the pace car for the first time that day. I tried to jump once after that but it was to late by the time I slowed up the attacks started and 4 riders got away thanks to my pulls for 4 laps. Now maybe I will feel good for Grandview.

The crowd was awesome!!!! Just like the Athens Twilight for one lap.

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