Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I'm In OCC

I Love our Church! The family is growing and I'm In OCC. John had got us started with a motto, I'm In OCC. From what I can remember a year ago we were to sign a board that said I will do my best to do this and that or anything to help our church family and community out. Well I haven't done much but I am improving in some ways. I pray that I will be more focused on what God wants me to do. I have been so out of focuse for a long time and continue to be but I try hard for Him everyday. Some days I just wish I could start over just like Groundhogs Day, the movie.

One thing that keeps me on track is the people I surround myself with. I can't do it with out them. God puts people in our lives so that we can stay strong and focused. John Mulpas had shared with us some facts about Redwoods.

The root system of the redwood tree is surprisingly shallow, especially given the great height the mature tree attains. There is no tap root and the other roots may reach no deeper than 6-12 feet. The major roots are about 1 inch in diameter, and they typically spread 50 to 80 feet. One way in which the trees are able to remain upright for millennia is by growing close together with other redwood trees, intermingling root systems. In the picture below a number of redwoods crowd together in a typical grove. Go to this link to see it;


So just like Redwoods we need to stay close to each others lives so we can work together to stay strong. Just like in cycling also if you have 3 teammates against one opponent the team should have a big advantage.

LUKE 10:27;

The expert 1 answered, “Love 2 the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind, 3 and love your neighbor as yourself.” 4

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