Sunday, February 10, 2008

Questions I've Wanted To Ask God!

Orrville Christian Church Presents:

Questions I've Wanted To Ask God!

Begins Easter Sunday!

If YOU could ask God ONE question, what would It be?

Go to and ask today! Submit your question by Wednesday, February 27th for a chance to have your question answered at Orrville Christian Church. if your question ranks in the top 7, it will serve as a title to one of 7 messages beginning Easter Sunday, March 23rd. You've got questions? The Bible has answers.

Hope you will join us!
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Do YOU Have A Question?


JC's said...

I have many of ?'s so it will take some time to think of just one and I will post my ? here.

JC's said...

I have felt that when I am focused on you Lord that everything is perfect to my knowledge. Am I just thinking that everything is perfect? Or am I just stupid thinking these things? Or do these things actually happen? Or am I being selfish and thinking of myself more than others?

How do I include everyone that I come in contact with a clear understanding of how Love is the most important thing we need to be doing? Is there just a couple of words to tell others? A sentence or a page? I will try anything to win others to you Lord.

I feel my problem is ME. I sin the same sins over and over. I confess to You Lord my problems everyday. Will I ever get smart enough to follow you completly FATHER?