Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunny and 76!!!!!!!

Shorts and short sleeves today, that won't happen till June in Ohio. Great morning ride for 3 hrs and then 2 hrs in a short sleeve skinsuit. I had to show everyone how big I was in the skinsuit and I told then this was as big as I will be. Well no one wanted to see me so they made me hurt the 2nd ride. Thanks to Bob, Martin that is. We had 4 Bob's on the ride, quite interesting. Plow gave me his gu and then he bonked, Goeff took one of his gu's as well so we did a good job of making him hurt, which he needed cause he was so strong. Then Einstein gave me his gatorade but he was to strong to bonk, I tried. I felt very happy with todays rides and couldn't believe my efforts. I may be hooked on this Power tap stuff, now for some money to buy it from Dad. This was also the night Mrs. Fernandez spoiled us all with a meal at the Fernandez's. Thank you all so very much.

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