Friday, February 29, 2008


This weekend I will be racing my first race of the year and I am not looking forward to it. This will give me some motivation to work hard in the next two months to come. I feel like I am way ahead of last year, but that is mainly because I didn't start riding till the end of March. The Felt bike is totally Awesome this is by far the best bike all around that I have had a chance to ride on.

Our uniforms are also Awesome I like everything about them. They have by far the best shorts made by any one out there. If I would have know we were going to have that much yellow on our uniforms I would have decked my bike out in yellow. Since my bike is supporting white for now I think it will stand out from the rest in the field. I may not do another race until April but we will see after this first one.

My teammates that I have met are the best we all get along really good. I am so glad to be back with this group of guys. I have had great friends with other teams in recent years and friendships that last a lifetime. Orrville was my first team in 2002 and Team Akron was in 2003. Savage Hill was in 2004-2006 with 2006 merging with A&F and Team GodSpeed in 2007 along with RGF. I have learned so much in these past years and have a great understanding what it takes to run a Team. I am so blessed to have raced for so many different teams. I know that this year will be one of the best years of racing and I look forward to this season.

RGF has several guys that were on that team then and are still on this team today. So it has been one of those Orrville family feel type of team. I have been a club member with Orrville every year and the Orrville bike shop is the best bike shop. Roger Amstutz is the owner of Orrville Cycling and Fitness and if anyone knows Roger they know he has a love for riding bikes and knows it is the best way to enjoy exercise. Roger is honest, listens, learns, informs, and loves everyone. Roger is one of a kind. I look forward to growing friendships with all the RGF team members and continue the ones that have been for years.

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Ray Huang said...

YOu feared for nothing!! Great job at the Arnold Classic!! YOu did great.