Sunday, May 04, 2008

Races this past weekend

Thanks to everyone that was praying for me. Becky, Caylin, and I went to SC and NC for some bike races. Friday night in the dark I raced on a four corner flat crit course that we did 70 laps in 1 hour and 16 mins. In the first 5 laps I found myself on the pavement with 50 other riders. I looked at my bike after checking to make sure I didn't have any broken bones or that I wasn't losing any blood rapidly. The bike however needed repairs. As I got back on my bike I was hoping everything worked as we hit 35 mph in 15 seconds. Why do I do this again? After another 10 laps I hit the pavment again. This time I should have used a little more sense. I overlapped a guys wheel and he had made an erratic move and need I say more. That one made me a little upset at myself. So after that I just rode easy and out of trouble for a while. Half way through the race I felt good enough to see what I could do. I moved up and felt confortable at the middle front of the field and then decided to sit in watching breaks go up the road. I thought about going up to them a couple of times, but I stuck to my sit in and wait plan.

As they were giving away 250 dollar primes and 100 dollar primes, I sat in the field. Then I heard nine to go and I was in great position, top 30. Every lap it is different, 20 pass you then you have to pass them the next lap. At this time in the race I have never felt so strong and I felt like I could do anything. 3 laps to go and I took off after another rider that I thought would be able to do something. As he was done racing with 2 laps to go I went hard for another lap and was caught with one to go.

God had blessed me with great legs and I tried to use them, but they were not what He wanted me to do. Maybe He did and I just learned how not to do it. Any way they caught me with one to go and I decided to try and stay up front after I attacked at 40 mph for longer than I should have. Well durning that last lap I found myself giving up and as I came to the last turn, bikes everywhere! I sprinted past 20 or more riders and then some to finish in the last pay spot for 30th place.

Thank you Lord for me and my family's trip, safety, and health. Thank you for the lessons I learned and the people we came in contact with.


Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

Great Job! Sounds like you almost stayed away!

James Anderson said...

Woah! It looks like God REALLY blessed you! You were going toe-to-toe with guys from Rock Racing and the Colombian National Team! Good job!