Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hill repeats or Rest?

Well I have had a cold for 4 days and it seems to be getting better. I raced with a cold on saturday and I have been feeling better since.

So I have a ? to ask anyone that is willing to help me get prepared for Snake Alley and 3 days of racing.

How should I trian for these races?

To late just rest.

Hill repeats on Deerfield this friday or saturday.

Long easy ride in amish country this saturday.

Ride hard for three days same as the races I am doing

None of the above.

I know first thing is pray. Train smart is next but I think if I go hard on saturday and simulate the Snake Alley race it may help, or will it make things worse. What do you think?
I am thinking about doing Hill repeats on Deerfield, but the other choices may be better. I don't know, that is why I am asking for your vote. It will be fun to see what you think. Then after the weekend I will post what I did.


P.S. Here is what I will be trying to do:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcDE_lT-HjA

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