Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thank you

Hill repeats is what I ended up doing. I wish I had never done them. It was raining and kind of cold when I did the hill repeats in the morning. Thanks to Aaron I knew exactly what I needed to do to prepare for this weekend at Iowa. My first time up deerfield was by far the best. I didn't go all the way up deerfield but I did go 1,120 feet in 55 seconds. My average watts for 607 feet was 759 watts and it took me 37 sec. Big drop off on the next 6 times. 618 watts 41 sec, 604 watts 44 sec, 554 watts 51 sec, 574 watts 47 sec, 528 watts 51 sec, and 510 watts 52 sec. These were just the best 600 feet part of the climb I generally covered 840 feet + everytime and always took a rest of 1.5 mins or more each time. I tried to sit down a lot since the road was very wet. I wish I would have waited 1 more hour cause by the time I got home everything was dry.

So with that said I need to try and go as fast as I can for 3 laps and hope that I get up in the front 25 somewhere. I will start well behind 67 and could be as far back as 87 place due to calls to the line. I have a very bad feeling about this race Snake Alley. There profile says you climb 123 per lap and the last 276 feet you climb 60 feet. That is near 22% which is not my cup of tea. If this is so I may not be able to finish more than 12 laps before getting pulled out of the race or lapped. Last year the top 20th so riders got lapped by the winner.

Thank you Lord I am done with hill repeats. Thank you Lord for helping me notice my biggest weakness. I used to do hill repeats in my first couple of years I started riding, wish I wouldn't have stopped now. Please Lord be with my mom safe travels today and for our safety as well.

Please vote and read my comment. (Jeremy)


Cookie Monster (me), Better Half (my wife), Caylin (our girl) said...

I am going to be brutally honest and say I will only do 14 laps.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jermey! I will be there to chear you on this weekend i know you will do so great!!!!

Brooke Crum

Cookie Monster (me), Better Half (my wife), Caylin (our girl) said...

Hey Brooke! Thanks. Great to hear from you. Becky, Caylin, and my Dad will be there so be sure to see us there. I hope we get to see ya race too.

James Anderson said...

Hey Jeremy, when you're at Snake Alley, say hi to my teammate, Alexey Vermuelen and his family, if you see them.