Saturday, August 25, 2007

2nd day of Elk Grove

This was the masters 30+, again not the best of the best were in the race today. Everybody must be saving it for the Nationals. Why? who knows? This was a great weekend for anyone that showed up and didn't wreck. I raced out of the money the first day but in the money the 2nd day. That happened to lots of other guys as well. But some like Jason Snow took money both days. This race was going to be another good one and I was hoping to make some money today if it was something the Lord wanted to happen. If I didn't make any money to cover our costs then I was done for the year, no Nationals o anything else out of Ohio. Well the Lord made it perfect. I told Becky if I didn't make $300 for the day then no more racing till I lose another 20 pounds. I was on the front at the start of the race. So I took off and wanted to see what they would do. 3 others made it to me but the field didn't let anything go as of the first 4 miles of the race. Primes again today and I tried to go for them with nothing working again. Then a break got lose and it was over. I thought the pack would pull them in but not enough horse power in the 100+ field. I tried on my own for 4miles and came within 10 meters of them and blew up with 4 laps to go and the field was charging hard. Once they caught me they sat up. What? Why? The three that were in the break didn't have any teammates in the field that could do anything so I couldn't understand it. Later I found out Jason Snow was in the field and he finished behind me so why didn't anyone work with me? Well I find out at the end. The Lord had given me some miraculous power that day. Once I got caught by the field and wasn't about to make the same mistake 2 days in a row. I made sure I could make my way to the front if I needed to. So with 2 laps left I was in the top 5 and with one to go was on the front when no one else would pull. I would just get on the front and slow down and let riders jump me and get on a chasers wheel and back to the front again. Priority Health helped me out for half a lap on the last lap. He led it out for his teammate I hope? Cause he pulled for a long way and I never saw him again. With no turns left and 600 hundred meters to go I am on the front once again. I slowed up just enough to let some riders go by and got beside them still in the wind. Then two rude riders cut me off back to back sending me flying into Harry Clark playing bummer bikes at 32 + mph. and at 400 meters I told myself just go don't wreck. I think it was God telling me to just go who cares if anyone passes you better than the hospital. I couldn't argue with that so I went. As I see the 200 meter sign I am thinking no way never going to happen. Then I see the 150 meter sign, then the 100 meter, 50 meters no way! After the finish I was so beat I couldn't catch my breathe for over 5 mins. I had never felt so beat in my life. I guess I should have felt that way cause as Harry Clark also confirmed we sprinted for over 400 meters. I looked closer at the results the day after and the guy who almost came around me other than Harry was a 50 year old, who also beat Jason Snow and some other great riders as well. That 50 year old must have been on my wheel the whole time until the last 50 meters, and I have never heard his name before. So I ended up winning the field sprint and taking 4th since the field didn't want to catch them. I am not saying they can't keep up with the young riders because I have got beat by them before but that is riders that have raced on a Pro team there whole life or have been in the Tour De France and are still beating up on younger riders. That is the great thing about this sport, once you got it you are good for years after. Kind of weird how the Lord works, we prayed for no wrecks and some money to pay for the trip if it was His will and He blessed us again.

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