Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tim Jackson

This post is well over due, sorry Timmy. Last year when I raced for A&F Tim gave us all frames, MASI frames. They were awesome and most of my family loved the colors and design of the MASI. Well I broke it in Oct. sometime and shipped it back to Mr. Tim Jackson the best MASI MAN out there. I said I really want to keep the frame if it is broke and can't be fixed.He said he might have one frame laying around somewhere. He shipped me a brand new frame and it was all black or as I call it Black Beauty. I decked it out with All yellow trim, what other color did you think I would use? Now I look like those Canadian Bummble Bees back in the 80's beating up the 7 eleven boys. I wish, but it looks sweet. It rides awesome in the crits and road races and in the hard rain in road races and crits. So thanks to Tim Jackson I am so happy to ride the MASI. Buy one today it races better than my Trek Madone.

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