Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Grandpaerents are so smart, they teach you everything the right way. At least both of my grandparents have taught me so much the right way. What I am saying is sometimes Grandparents would say to do this or get this. I would have no clue what they wanted me to do or get. They did it as though I knew what they wanted or what to get. I felt stupid asking "what" or "you want me to get what" or "do what". Man did I feel stupid a lot. They never let me think so though. I was there best worker or gofer. They treated me as if I knew exactly what they needed. Grandparents are the best, they spoil the living daylights out of you. Not only that but play time can be fun. They have the biggest Easter egg hunts or the best Water ski tricks, so much fun.

You remember things of when you were younger I'm sure. What about how much food they make or how good it smells. I am writing this post so you can think or remember what your grandparents were like. Also for you to pray for mine. When grandparents get sick you feel sick. I pray for my grandmothers to be strong during these ruff times. You see both of my grandparents are really in need of prayer. Also my Mom and Dad need your prayers as well. My grandpa Mari has had two major surgeries and Grandpa Grimm has an infection in his body from 100 galstones(sp) the Doctors said they have never seen so many. They did surgery right away and he is in intensive care. So much goes through my mind throughout the day and I just try real hard to pray to God to calm myself down and keep busy with something else.

Thanks for the prayers. Becky Caylin and I are going to Chicago this weekend so please pray for our safety and mine during the races.

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