Friday, August 03, 2007

Sorry John

Went to church this morning and John really had a great message. The main lesson that I learned from it today was maybe you should let God do the walking instead of you doing it on your own. I had to go forward and tell everyone how much God has been working in my life. I am having the best year with God, family, and friends. God has given me so much this year and has given me gifts as a surprise.

Two weekends ago God gave me some awesome results at a bike race and gifts to go with it. The main thing that I didn't share with the church family was that I got to share my testimony with hundreds of people after the bike races both days. After going up there and others told me I did a good job God has the holy spirit do the talking through you and what you want to say may not be said for others to hear. I do want to say sorry to John Mulpas cause after his lesson on giving everything to the Lord I go forward and tell them God gave me this awesome watch. I have been giving almost everything to the Lord and I know that if I continue to give more to the Lord He will continue to bless me(us, everyone).

I will tell people what this watch means to me. How this watch wasn't supposed to be given to me because they only had three and all of a sudden they have four. I hope that the church family understands that if you give yourself to God fully then He has great rewards for you. This watch I have is God's watch and I am using it to glorify Him. Maybe I am wrong what do you think?

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