Sunday, August 26, 2007

Yesterdays race

The race at Valley City yesterday was great. Thanks to everyone that put on the event. They had drinks there and food, so what more could a big guy want. I needed the drinks today, and I should of had another banana. I rode to the race, but only 10 miles, and rode for another 30 mins before the race. On any other day than today I guess that would have been easy to do. I have rode 3hrs easy before a Pro race with big Pro names and finished in the top 25 but I felt good all day before doing so. But today at home and twice before the race I had the restroom on my mind. I ate and drank the proper stuff before during and after the race and I felt sick till 8 last night. Look at the scale and it read 185 instead of 190. So with this next weekend of full races I hope to be in great shape so I can beat up the Rock Racing Pro Team.

Yesterdays race went like this. Polo rolled off the front and then hammered away with Andys coming up strong and those two got away for awhile and then Tris took off and joined them and Polo came back with us and worked the front for his teammates. Paul drove the pace today with Dan and Lake Effect helping as well. But just before two laps to go the guys made everyone hurt. I managed to get on the front up the hill behind the lead group with Paul on my wheel then he pulled through and we had others behind us just before the field. Attacks were made and it hurt my power was draining slowly and I could feel it. Then we caught the front two and at one point we had 8 riders. That went down to 6 riders with one lap to go and I felt like the weakest one with half a lap left. That proved to be true when we came into the little rollers before the end of the race. I wish I had my best stuff today cause that was my kind of course.

I loved that course and it had my name all over it. Thanks to the Lord I was safe and didn't get really sick. I thought I would have to ride 33 miles back home after the race but the Lord provided me with a ride. Caylin, Becky, Ann , and Granny picked me up after the race which helped me not to get any worse than I already was. So thank you all very much and thank you Lord for our safety.

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dave said...

valley city is always a good run. too far for me this year and too old to sit in a car that long now