Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Great friends

Friends are great to have. God, family, and friends, almost forgot.....cycling. I prayed before the race and all I want is to be safe, no crashes. Well today at the Buckeye Crit I was crash free again, don't worry my time is coming. I just hope it won't be soon. My family came to support me again today. My family is the best. So are my friends, I have had so many people say "go Jeremy" or "go GodSpeed" during these races this year. It has been great. Thank you! Well I got to see friends I haven't in such a long time and it was good to talk to them. I pray for all of my friends every morning to work. I pray for there safety and health. God is so good.

This race was going to be a good one. The course was perfect and it had some nice fast turns in it. I loved this course, thanks Chris. Well Kirk was at the race today and we worked good together. I felt like I had the hardest part of the course to pull through, but it was short as well. It is so hard to tell if I am getting better or just getting lucky in these races. Today I felt like I was strong enough. After Kirk and I lapped everyone but Jim, Kirk attacked with 2 laps left. I couldn't get to Kirk's wheel he had a great jump. It was hard trying to catch Kirk but I learned a lot in trying. Fun race for 2nd place.

Thanks Dave T. for your post on your website maybe Kirk won't see it.

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