Saturday, August 25, 2007

Biggest race ever?

Well I thought Elk Grove was going to be my biggest race ever but it turned out to be slower than I imagined. I thought that the pace was going to be so hard I would have trouble keeping up. Well God blessed me so much that day. He kept me safe from all the wrecks and I went for 3 primes during the race. I learned a lot from this race as well. You have to stay on the front or near the front if you want to place. I thought I would have plenty of energy left at the end of the race to do what I wanted. With two laps to go I thought I would have no problems moving up to the front. All day, at least for me, I was on the front when I wanted other than the last two laps when it counted. It could have been the heat setting in on me, but I felt great at the end of the race. Puffer after his 10 place finish told me he was sick for two days after the race, probable from the heat. After the race I felt great but knowing I had so much more left in me. So anyway with two laps to go I was mid pack and started to move up but not like I wanted. I was in the top 30 at one point then made so wrong choices and I was back 60 deep it seemed. Then on the last lap I tried to get up front but only could muster 29th with so much disappointment. I will take it cause a big wreck happened right beside me and no one else came around me to the finish.

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