Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Perfect Day for Zoar

It was cool and rainy, perfect day for Zoar Road Race. When was the last time you rode in the rain? I have done it a lot since I ride my bike to work, and I love it. So much better than not being able to breathe at 90+ degrees. Thank you Lord for an awesome day. By the way I didn't have a flat today and my Dad was right again. Dad's are always right. The tire had 3 too many races if you ask me. I didn't have a flat so Dad can still use that tire on the trainer. The race started out pretty slow which was good for me. Up the hills we went, and I felt like I could go so much faster. So on the next lap I took off up the last climb and I blew up. I didn't have enough to do it. So then I sat in for a lap. Felt fine going up the climbs and we let Dan and Brain roll off the front. Then Mike Gorman went with them so I didn't work at all. Instead I attacked them trying to get away but I couldn't. I hope I am stronger this weekend at Elk Grove. Mike got dropped and we were only 15 sec at one point. It seemed like no one wanted to work with the little chase group gaps we had. Everyone must have been tired as well. The finish was very surprising to me. Tris came around everyone so I got on his wheel. He took me to the front and I went hard for a little bit then slowed way down and waited till the past the 200 meter sign and sprinted as hard as I could. I took the sprint by inches. Legs felt good sprinting but will need to be a lot better this weekend. Stark velo did an awesome job. Also Bike authority gave the first cat 3 $100 at the store. I love racing in the rain for a road race.

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