Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Chapel #2

This race was in the hard rain and the best Womens Pro racer was in our field. Brooke Miller, from Tipco pro cycling team. She started it off very fast for some of the guys that they got dropped she was in our break of 7 riders when the Hard rain hit the pavement. She thought she had a flat and could not catch back on. I was told she rode 3 hrs before doing this race so I was very impressed. I also thought I had a flat tire too and ran off the road twice. I got used to the wet pavement enough to take first for the 3rd race in a row. I had a big race coming up the same weekend so I didn't want to go hard at all that day. Others deserved it more than I did today. I didn't deserve any of the prize money but I took it anyway and gave back 20 in hopes that it would help out.

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