Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Church please forgive me

I am going to be honest with this post. I went to church before my Harveysburg race July 15th but can't remember a thing about the lesson. Hope someone can help me out. My blog's should be updated sooner so I can remember important things like Church. It is not funny at all! I can remember cycling from years ago but not Church. You know I have a problem when that happens. God should be first in my life and not cycling. I do however remember that day in church talking to some friends about new treatment for my friend. I have alot of prayer concerns on my mind and they are hard to keep track of but every morning I ride my bike to work I have continueous(sp) prayer with my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. The way home can be very hard to do so I am always looking over my shoulder just before I almost get hit several times. I am thinking about putting something at the side of my bike just so cars get over in the other lane to pass.

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