Friday, July 27, 2007


Well in softball I got back into the rhythm I once had when I played 80 some games a year at the elite softball level. Yes softball has a pro level and they hit Homeruns every time they get to the plate. Those guys look like they are doing drugs too. I am sick of these sports having cheats. Especially cycling, yep we are bigger news now than ever. People using there own blood for transfusions how smart, but still cheats. To have more blood in there system helps them perform better. Cycling needs to crack down on these guys and have a zero tolerence for this stuff.

Well back to softball were in our church league we may have a few cheats with bats to use but I hope not. The bat I used to hit my 320 foot Homerun was over 7 years old. That bat was used more than any bat I know back then and is used more now since we are hitting them out. Our guys on our church team are hitting the ball good and will be ready for playoffs even though our record doesn't show it.

We lost by a close score and I missed one game thinking it was on another day, but I also had a race that night and last night as well. I hope my rhythm will still be there missing 2 games, I may have to go to the cages to stay on with my Homerun streak. Great times with church brothers.

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