Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Troy is a great town with one awesome course! Today was Caylin's first bike race, July 21st 2007. The horn scared her put she finished by going real slow the whole way. As long as she finished that was ok with me. Then she even put her hands up before the line. Man she knows how to make her daddy proud. She also got a medal after her race.

Well last year for me I was upset that I didn't make the break so I had better plans this year. At least I could only hope it was God's will. Teaxas Roadhouse had 12 strong today and with on two maybe three A&F guys it was going to be all Roadhouse. One roadhouse rider got away then another jumped and I was in the front 15 so I went with him with another roadhouse on my wheel. So three roadhouse and me are up the road working hard to stay away. Well it worked cause we were pulling away and then one of the roadhouse riders got dropped as another roadhouse rider joined us. I think this break started in the first 10 mins of the race.

Any way I didn't go for any primes I just worked hard hoping they would help me get a great placing. As three other roadhouse riders were closing in on us I thought they would attack me for sure. Well they did and I was able to make them hurt enough that I dropped one of them because he helped his teammate get back up to me. So there are still two roadhouse and myself with three roadhouse coming on strong. I had no choice but to work and it made it easy for Kirk and Kevin to beat me. I will take third though.

I was very happy to get third with the riders they had today. As a matter of fact the most important part of the day was sharing my testimony with hundreds of people today. Also having Caylin up on the podium. I know the flyer said they were only giving out 3 watches. Well Kevin gave me the choice of which watch I wanted and I told him red matched his uniform and so he gave me the blue one. I think I saw Kirk with a yellow watch though. Yellow would have been so sweet since that has always been the best color for me.

I can't say enough about the whole day. I just give God all the praise for the great things he has done. I felt like I was hated in this race and it turned out to be very rewarding for God my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My family was there from Miamisburg as well. Billy and Nicki thanks for coming out and cheering.

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Olympain said...

youre lucky you didnt do the masters race. I woulda put a whoopin on you