Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tour De Burg

Last year this was my 2nd best race of the year and I loved this course. So from the start I made things happen quick. I was hoping to get something going early and it did. I rested a lot in this race after the first 10 mins but kept the pace high enough to help lap the field. I had another shot at winning this race but I couldn't pull off the double V. I made a mistake in the end of the race and should have taken off early but I waited and I may not have won it anyway but I felt great all day and should have put the pressure on the whole race. There was so many people there supporting this race and I just was so happy to be on the podium again with Caylin. Thanks to so many taking pics of me and cheering me on. I have a large support group out there.

I pray that God will be glorified because of my efforts and actions that took place this weekend. I pray that I am a good witness for Jesus Christ but I know that I am not perfect and I hope others will share with me my faults because I know I have them but am not seeing clearly enough right now. Please share with me if you have the time I will not be offended.

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