Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Harvesyburg Race 2007

Well it was another hot day but no where near last year. It rained on my dad's race and he did great that day. He took his Zipp 404 wheels off of his bike and gave them to me like they were mine. They are the best wheels ever. Nothing compares to these and I don't think any one can change that. I started the race slow and worked up a couple of hard efforts. Won a couple of primes and lost a close one to Jim Matson. I won a beer jersey again this year if any one wants it name your price and I will use the money for what I think would be a great expense. I gave last years jersey to Hekman maybe someone will give it to him after they buy it off of me. I haven't seen the festival tickets yet but they are going to Scott Moro if I get them.

So Brian and I make a two man break and are gone away from the rest and never to be caught. I won again 2 in a row. Thank you Lord. God is so good. This time I got to take Caylin up on the podium with me thanks to team Dayton. Team Dayton put on this great event thanks a bunch.

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