Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Ohio Cup crunch time! Grandview was a flat four corner crit that was awesome! Becky Caylin and I got there late due to my bathroom breaks. I didn't feel great today but glad I did the race. Anyway Caylin was crying so I tried to comfort her before the race and the next thing I knew it was time to race. No time to warm up just get on the bike and go. I heard some one say 80 riders tried to race that day but only 25 finished. The pace was fast from the get go and a break already went. By the time I felt like chasing after it, it was too late. I was hoping for another break and it happened. Only Kirk, Paul and I worked the break hard and we caught the others just as they were lapping the field. After that I had nothing left and managed to get 9th with Nate in 8th tying me for the Ohio Cup standings.

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