Friday, October 05, 2007

Need to be Alive in Christ.

Went to Church on Sept 23rd and it was way over due. The word of God lets us know how important it is to be in fellowship with other believers. That could explain my weight gain of 7 pounds or it was from the wreck. I am stuck in a rut again but this time I am 191 pounds not 210 like last year.God rested on the 7th day. I went to church and I sure was filled with the Holy Spirit today. Our Church is hopping, it is so exciting! We are getting prepped up for our 40 days of community by Rick Warren next week. Ouch!!! Just killed a gnat on me, hit my ribs in the process. Struck me funny but now it hurts a little more. So back to Rick Warren, who wrote this book and also 40 days of purpose. Great books but know one is perfect. God's word is where it is at. It helps to read books like Rick Warren's to get some refueled and energized. It is working for me so far looking at the things that help me out. For others and we are in the 6th day now it may be all about Love and may not be as excited. But if you get past the Love part of it the message can be very helpful.

Rick Warren gets everyones attention by starting out with "What Is Love"? Love is a feeling True or False: Love is and action True or False: Love is commitment True or False: I looked at these the first time real quick before the lesson in SS and I said True to all the above. The first one was false and that got our class going. I won't be able to explain how to convince you that Love is not feeling cause I can't explain it to my wife. I do believe it is an action and a commitment an every day thing. Here is my take on it today: If you get caught up in feeling's and say something you didn't want to say or didn't mean them, you just said them because you were upset at the time and no one is perfect. Well true Love forgives what you said because of the commitment you have for one another. My wife and I have said things to each other in the past that wasn't too nice and why do we do it more to the ones we Love? Well we are learning as we are now in our 10th year to be full with Love and we don't have these little spats as much over the years. I am so Blessed that my wife has forgiving me many of times and I don't deserve it. Sort of like how Jesus died on the cross for us and we didn't deserve it but he gave us the Choice of Eternal Life with His Father in Heaven(God). That's why I think it is more of a gift than a feeling. Please tell me what you think. Is it a Feeling, a Gift, an action, a commitment, some of those, none of those, all of the above, more than all of the above. What is Love? Tell me what you think Love is. I'm interested in what you think Love is.

What Is Love?

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