Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Continue to Pray

I have been trying to keep up with Church Bible study and everyday prayer concerns that I have received. Please Lord help everyone in need, as I have learned no prayer is to small and no prayer is to great, so pray for all.

Things are going great with bible study and our 40 days of community projects. I have a new one for next year or sooner than that. Please pray that all know that OCC is trying to help out the community in some way meeting the needs of those in need.

With life flying by me so fast and lots of plans to do this week, I am almost at a stand still now. I have had a fog or out of focus left eye since Monday night and I did have dizziness and headaches, so I am glad they are gone. The fog still remains in my left eye but I hope the Dr. is right and it will go away with the eye drops, thanks Steph for the sample eye drops. The Dr. ruled out everything which is good and did say I have a little bit of a inflammation in the left eye. I have been blessed with perfect vision up to my 4th grade year and with the help of glasses till now. I really would like to see again Lord if it be your will. Just now sensing more dizziness so please pray that will be completly gone as well as the headaches. I can live with everything but it would take some time getting us to it.

A couple of my plans were to go with my Bible study group and help the least of these, a program for feeding the homeless in the big city. Also going to see Josh Short, I mentioned him in the last blog. The community has really helped out with going up to see Josh and the school worked out a program so they could take the kids up to see him. I wanted to go up this week but I think resting would be better since I have been trying to work. I am not riding my bike to work either and I gained some weight quickly, must be stress.

Last night Caylin puked all over her bed and is running a temp. Becky woke me up cause Caylin wanted a kiss from Daddy. God is good all the time and He will help us get through times like these. I pray that I learn from these things going on, for healing and for peace of mind in all things. Love you Lord God and thank You for all the blessings you have given to me. In Jesus name Amen.

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