Friday, October 05, 2007


I forgot to tell you about the last Westlake. It was the last Westlake of the year and I wanted to keep things together for the Team cause all of us can place at Westlake. I pulled back everything and did no work in the breaks cause we just didn't have the right #'s up front. Tris is an animal he was awesome tonight, pulling us back and going solo that took several riders to pull him back. Well in the end he made a hard solo effort to get away in the last mile. I pulled him back and 4 RGF riders took money in the top 6 Dave took 1st, Stephan took 3rd, Bob took 5th, and Polo took 6th. I got 8th and was worn out and just one place shy. But I did happen to take some primes which ws great for the Team. Also talking about primes Cameron took a prime after being away for several miles. I should have tried to jump up to him but didn't. Noah and I were doing a great job of keeping others fresh for the end. Although Polo helped pull back Tris in the end as well and still had a great sprint in the end. RGF is going to have some fun next year! I have had so much fun already racing with these guys. It just isn't fair for everyone else.

After the race at Dave's house we had a party for the whole year. Got to spend some great times talking with others and looking at the new uniform's. They will be sweet! Thanks Polo! Thanks to all that helped out with the party and the food was Awesome thanks to Tom. I got home at 10:30 and Caylin was up running around telling me all about her day for a whole hour. Then she hit a wall and was out for only 7 hours but Becky recovered nicely she always does. Almost forgot the coke zero just isn't good enough for after the race so next time I will have to bring Coke Classic. I can't wait to wear those uniforms and they do have yellow on them so you may be able to see us in the pack if we have bright yellow helmets to go with it.

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