Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Oct. 6th

Oct 6th and Caylin was happy I was at home when she woke up early in the morning. We had a great morning. My wife said that Grandma and Granny would be coming over this morning so I charged up the I-pod and went for a 3 hr ride. First time in a long time but I Loved it. I kept it in the 53 all day and it was hard going up some of those steep climbs in stark, holmes, and wayne county. I almost didn't make it up one of them but can't remember where that was.

I went on a bunch of dirt roads that I don't remember being on before, so it was great! I had such a great time singing to all my tunes and then about 40 min from home my battery ran out. I only charged it for an hr so I didn't get the full charge but that was ok I put everything away and road in silience the rest of the way home. At one point in the start of my ride I came across a beautiful view wishing I had a camera on me. God had blessed my ride so much today. Thank you Lord so much.

Got home and had some more fun with Caylin. We were wrestling though and she kneed me in the ribs again but this time twice once with each knee real quick. I stll hurt from that and my ribs may never be fully healed cause of so much activity that goes on around or house. I enjoy all of it though, even though it hurt to laugh telling Becky trying to get some sympathy.

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