Friday, October 05, 2007

Sept. 29th

After the powerman race went home and got ready for church. Saturday night tail gate party at the church with great food and fellowship. Ok so this may be another reason my weight hasn't come down lately, all this great food is killing me. Tail gate party at a church you ask? Where is this church you have parties at. Yep you better come and enjoy while we are here.

Man the food was great anything for your dogs you want. We had like ten grills there... serious. Pick where you wanted to get your dogs. What grill did you want your server you name it. So thanks to all that made the dogs and all the toppings for them as well as tons of sides to add to your mammoth plates.

After all that was said and done Take your pick of Homemade Ice Cream! Yes! I'm in Heaven! No I am still in Orrville and that will put on some pounds. I had two different kinds though and man were they awesome!

After we stuffed ourselves we took Caylin to her classroom and she had fun with her friends. While we went to the sanctuary to have some more fun and games. I had no idea what those football movies were for the guess what movie that is.

Thanks to John, the cooks, and everyone that made everything possible today it was Great.

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DVR said...

jeremy, its holy food. eat all you want.
better than organic