Wednesday, October 31, 2007

PM Lights Out

I had a great time suffering at the NEW Orrville CX race. This race could hold a lot of racers on it at one time. I loved this course cause it was so hard and no time to catch a breath. I was told a UCI course has more off camber turns or just more turns to make it more technical. That would be great for me cause I am starting to like turns in cross. I think I have got a handle on turns now and hope I can do more races with or without both eyes, I don't think I could do them being dizzy though.
PM came to the race today and I was disappointed when he said he was going to race with Texas Roadhouse again. Thats ok though I am happy for him. He is a great guy, then I went up to him after the race and asked him if he would come back next week to the Orrville race, can't believe I asked him. A race with PM will always turn the lights out for sure. Shawn Adams also made it hard as well, working with PM to make sure I wouldn't catch back on. Those guys are great and I hope to get better if and when my eye clears up.

I was pretty sore after working for only two and a half hours the day before making the course better than what it was. Thanks to dad for the right stuff and for everyone else that made this course come together. Awesome course I wouldn't change a thing. I did say that I didn't like it as much as the other course but that is because it was flat and had lots of turns to it. I am used to that kind of course and the UCI courses are like that I was told but more open. I am starting to Love CX and it shows now if I can learn how to bunny hop those barriers like Barry Wicks, boy am I dreaming. I think I have enough things going on right now, first get my eye better and then lose the weight.

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