Friday, October 26, 2007

Orrville CX

Well this is going to be short, very sorry. I have been busy very busy and I want to post about my last two races at Orrville. So here it goes. The first Orrville CX race was almost a no show. Thanks to Jeff coming up and racing and Ed doubling up. Thanks to the Orrville men for making this course the best it's been ever.

After my first CX race I remembered I have to start out as fast as I can no matter who's in the field, Jeff, Ed, and Tricia(sp). So there is only four of us and I know these guys can race. Tricia was there to get ready for the next week, Although I had trouble passing her in the race she is Strong, Look out women!

I was able to get a great start and I felt great about my start passing the clock just under 5 min then the next lap was 10:12 so I was ok with that and then I wrecked with a nice gap bruising my ribs again and re-opening my wound on my arm. I looked like a Paris Rouibax(sp) rider dirty and bleeding. I finished 11 laps under 60 mins so I was some what happy. Thanks to Wes for all the CX advice.

The next Orrville CX race had a better turn out the 2nd weekend. I think it was because the weekend before there were 3 races on the same day, but Ed and Tricia showed up so why didn't more? Just kidding I understand.

Well Cameron came to my house and Caylin wanted me to play with her barbies(sp). So sorry Cam that I wasn't to sociable. Cam and I rode to the race and there was a great turn out today. I can't wait till this coming weekend.

I knew there would be a bigger bunch of riders today. It was near 80 and hot is what I told my wife after coming back to the house before the race. I told Cam it's all about the start at this race, well at least I thought that was true. John Lorson proved us all wrong as he passed so many riders to get 3rd place in the masters. Great job John! I had a perfect start nothing went wrong for me. I was on Steve's wheel and he was on Matt's wheel. We stayed on Matt's wheel for two or 3 laps as he towed us away from all the others except for his teammate Shawn. So at the top of the hill on the first barrier on the 3rd or 4th lap Steve took off and I was right behind him. Shawn or Matt was next. I was able to hold on to Steve's wheel for a lap then we worked together almost the rest of the race. I was having the race of my life! I asked my Dad for time gaps and we thought for sure Shawn was catching us. In the end I finished 12 laps under 64mins with no wrecks and one miracle of a race. Thank you Lord for pushing the pedals for me today.
Come to the next Orrville CX race this Sunday the 28th at 3:15 and Cheer us on. The day starts at 1:30 in the YMCA parking lot. Come bring friends, and walk around, don't forget your boots it will be muddy. Also bring your cameras to get some great pics of muddy teeth. This course will be awesome, wide open everywhere and more pavement than any CX race I done. Drafting will come into play at this course and also bunch sprints, maybe. Looking forward to 1 hr of pain, and muddy teeth.
Top Pic is Bill Marut, had to put that one on the blog. Nice pic Dad!
Thanks Dad for all the Pics and video.


John said...

Nice race on Sunday. Proof that you can cross also!

I'm not going to make this weekend, family things first. Even though the course sounds better for me... I'm shooting for next weekend though.

JC's said...

Sounds good.

Nice for me cause I live so close. I will go to church and Sunday school the race and then Bible study. Busy busy Busy. See ya at the next one.